Monday, 28 November 2016

Attendance and presentation at IALCCE' 16 in Delft, Netherlands

Hello everyone!

How is everything going with you guys? This month went flying but, at the same time, it was greatly productive. However, in this post, I will talk with you about my experience last month at IALCCE 2016.

The Fifth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, IALCCE2016, was a conference held in the city of Delft, South Holland in Netherlands from the 16th to the 19th of October 2016.

IALCCE'16 logo (credits)
This was a conference organized by Infra Quest, a collaboration between the Delft University of Technology, TNO (the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) and Rijkswaterstaat (government agency within the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Furthermore, this event was mainly held at TU Delft Aula Congress Centre, that can be seen here.

Venue of IALCCE'16 (credits)
The International Association for Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, or IALCCE, is an organization  that focus on the advocacy of the life-cycle assessment and study in the field of civil engineering through international cooperation for the society benefit. They sponsor this conference that is held every two years, being that the first was held in Varenna, Italy back in 2008.

In this conference, the theme of this year event was: Civil Engineering from a life-cycle perspective. In this way, and taking into account the topic of the project that we have been discussing in this blog, our research group at Barcelona, submitted a document with the title "Health Monitoring of real structures by distributed optical fiber"

Article (left) and Presentation (right) submitted to IALCCE'16
Here, as the title suggests, it was showcased the opportunities and enhancements that distributed optical fiber sensing can provide for Structural Health Monitoring of real world structures, with important saving costs for the structure's owner authorities (including, naturally, the tax payers) and the further assurance that can be granted to their everyday users.

Waiting to present at IALCCE'16 on the 19th of October 2016
As always, this was also an excellent opportunity to continuously get to know excellent work that is being conducted in areas similar and relevant to the one that I'm dealing with in my project, and also, to get to know the people behind those same studies.

As I'm writing this, the date of TRUSS's Mid-term Review Meeting at Dublin is approaching on the first two days of December. In this way, hopefully, I will be able to give you some information of what went on on this meeting on my next post.

I also, take this opportunity, to wish you all a happy and delightful Christmas. 

See you soon!

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